The Early March Update, Part II

Jon Del Arroz has agreed to temporarily escape the People’s Republic of California and do some panels with us; Dave Butler might be representing Baen, but we don’t have a firm commitment from him yet. In the Department of Greasy Administrative Stuff, we now have a working bank account, and a *spit* PayPal link so people don’t have to write us checks. We will also be getting Zelle and GabPay links for those of you that (understandably) don’t like doing business with PayPal, and will post an update when those go live.


      1. it worked this time.

        any idea when you will know the location? (I do other volunteer show stuff, so I know that many locations are booked a year or more in advance)

        1. We should have the location nailed down sometime in June, and will post it here (and on Gab, MeWe, and Twitter) when we do.

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