The Early March Update

Here’s the Early March Update on Son of Silvercon:

Membership count is up to four attending & one supporting. Only 95 1/2 members to go before we become a real convention.

Going to get the necessary paperwork from the county to open Friends of Fission-chan’s bank account tomorrow.

Reached out to a bunch of conservative/libertarian/milSF writers, most of whom are looking at their calendars and cash flow to see if they can make it.
Jon del Arroz has agreed to show up and do panels, which would make our diversity department head ecstatic if we were stupid enough to have such a thing.
(We don’t.)

In the process of sending flyers to various local military bases and universities to recruit new members.

It was suggested at Confinement that we consider having an upcoming Son of Silvercon in either Elko or Pahrump,
so we could brag about having our own convention with blackjack and hookers.
First we have to get this one done, but I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t thinking about it.

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