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This is the home on the Internet of Friends of Fission-chan, an organization devoted to the promotion of nuclear power and also support of the ongoing cleanup efforts in Nevada at the former Nevada Test Site (now the Nevada National Security Site). We’re also big fans of the National Atomic Museum (formerly the National Atomic Testing Museum) in Las Vegas, even if they don’t have nearly enough stuff pertaining to Fallout: New Vegas.

In addition to the serious stuff, we are also fans of good-natured highjinkery such as Son of Silvercon, a science fiction convention we’re holding in Las Vegas this September. You can find information about Son of Silvercon here.

Fission-chan was and is the protagonist of a webtoon called Quantum Festival, which has quite a bit to say about the history of humanity’s energy use, the scandalous lies told by so-called “environmentalists” about nuclear power, and a hopeful future we can achieve by embracing Fission-chan and her cousin Fusion-chan. We are grateful for the creator’s permission to use Fission-chan as our mascot.


  1. I loved Silvercon!!! It’s super exciting a real sf con is coming to Vegas/ Henderson again at last! I’ve waited literally decades for this! But. Oct. 13-15 is the same weekend as Renfaire. How about “attend renfaire with Erin” as a program option for either Friday or Saturday?

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