The contract with the Plaza has been signed, so now we have a lovely hotel with lots of function space to jump around in and a consuite that is HUEG LIKE XBOX. Now all we need is a couple hundred of our close personal friends to show up, and twenty of them to sign up for rooms…which they’ll be able to do once the Plaza send me a registration link, which they’ve promised to do in the near future.

We are working on getting a guest of honor. Tim Powers unfortunately couldn’t make it this year, but tentatively agreed to next year. We still have some irons in the fire, and are pursuing various options.

Dan Minucci has agreed to be Our Man In Vegas, and will be contacting bookstores and places like the Millennium Fandom Bar to see if they want a piece of our action. Oscar Bambolo will be overhauling the website to make it more useful, or at least easier to find things on. Holly Bambolo will be my Unofficial Understudy And Absolutely Not The Vice-Chairman, because someday there will be Spawn of Son of Silvercon* in Idaho. Oh, yes there will.

In the meantime, though, we need YOU to reach out to all your friends & fellow fans and get them on board. Membership fees will mostly be the same as last year: $40 pre-registered attending, $20 supporting, $50 at the door; vendor/artist memberships are $50 and include one table in the dealers room. Veterans and N3F members get a $5 discount on pre-registration. I will be reposting the PayPal links on the front page shortly; if you’re allergic to PayPal, send your checks/money orders to Friends of Fission-chan, PO Box 143, Tonopah NV 89049.

See you at the Plaza in July!



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