S-Day Minus 6

Well, we’re about as ready as we’re going to get, I think. The T-shirts are on the way to the hotel, I have a box of our Guest of Honor’s books in my trunk (because I had a momentary brain fart and forgot to tell her to mail them to the hotel), and I finally got hooked up with RegimentGG, which is a bunch of (mostly) veteran gamers, so that’s one more group of folks who might show up. The programming is set up – which is to say we have at least 2 and sometimes three pros available to discuss the topics at hand – and the program booklet is ready to go to the printers the day after Columbus Day, or maybe the day before the convention depending on how the turnaround times look. So all that’s left is picking up the Staff Artist & GoH at the airport late Thursday night, hauling them to the hotel in the morning, feeding them somewhere in there, and getting the room squared away before we start opening ceremonies at noon. Maybe I should have pushed that back a few hours? Meh. Something to discuss at the post-mortem.

We have a few hours set aside on Friday and Saturday nights for open gaming/discussion in the main function space, so if there’s a tabletop game (Kittens in a Blender, Magic, Starfleet Battles, whatever) you want to play, bring it along.

See you next week in Henderson!

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