Your Chairman Is An Idiot.

Or at least easily confused. See, back in May I signed a contract with the Best Western Plus in Henderson…but I got it wrong when I asked the Staff Artist to do the flyers, so until now all the flyers have had the wrong BWP on them. Turns out the correct hotel is on St, Rose Parkway, which is south of McCarran Airport instead of east, and looks like it might actually be closer to the airport. Anyway. I’m in the process of getting a widget from the bank so I can process credit & debit cards at the convention in case people show up at the last minute (they always do) and want memberships and/or T-shirts. Also still hustling for members; if you can’t make it in person, a supporting membership would not go amiss, and will guarantee you some sort of perk when we do this again next year. For this year, attending memberships are still $40 through September 13, after which the rate goes up to $50.

Tentative date for next year’s Son of Silvercon II: Electric Boogaloo (With Blackjack But No Hookers) is the weekend of August 9, 2024, which seems like an auspicious date to me.

Behold our glorious updated flyer! Thanks to Caitlin Walsh, our awesome & puissant staff artist, for cranking it out so quickly!


  1. The St. Rose Best Western is also in a *much* better part of town (and I’m not just saying that because I live across the street).

  2. For some inexplicable reason, I decided this morning that it was important for me to check this site for updates. Good thing that I did, as I was able to cancel my reservation at the Boulder Highway BWP (where they had no rooms left, so I freed one up for someone else) and make one for the St. Rose Parkway BWP. HUZZAH!

    I will be one of those who will be purchasing a membership on-site, so I’m glad that you’re making arrangements for such. Will the $5 discount for military veterans still apply to the on-site $50 membership cost?

  3. so I drive 250 miles, get checked in, try to find the schedule, and discover I’m in the wrong hotel, and to get the last room in the correct hotel will cost double (and not be available until after 4pm friday)

    not cool, and there has been a general lack of information after the first announcement (including this issue), I wonder how many other people are in the wrong hotel.

    1. We posted the corrected flyer several times on Twitter, and e-mailed people to inform them of the change. Evidently we had the wrong e-mail for you. I apologize for the confusion.

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