Six months to go

Well, here we are in January, with about six months left until the curtain goes up on Son of Silvercon II: Nuclear-Electric Boogaloo. We have a hotel nailed down, we have guests returning from last year, and we have a number of things that are in the discussion stage or already underway – Friday Night Filking, the writing contest, and some science programming, as well as interviews with Sandra Miesel and Ralts Bloodthorne, probably via Teams or Discord since neither of them will actually be at the Plaza with us. It turns out that I’ll be around more to help with stuff than I thought I would be this tax season; I am only going to be in Dayton (20 minutes outside of Carson City) for two weeks next month instead of the three weeks I spent in Reno last February. I’ll still be working from home, of course, but since I’m not going to be working myself to death in the tax mines -to say nothing of making a futile run to LTUE and back afterward – I’ll have more time and energy to devote to the con. We’ll see what April looks like, but I suspect I’ll only be in Dayton for a couple of weeks as well. We shall see.

I will be reaching out on Twitter and in e-mail to various bloggers I know to fill in some panels on nuclear power and space; I will also be reaching out to get more professionals, semi-pros, and independent writers to do panels as well as getting more artists and maybe some cosplayers. I’m not big on cosplays/masquerades myself, but I do like to see folks showing off their costumes in the halls and the consuite.

This brings us to the most important part of the pre-convention preparations: YOU. You need to reach out to your friends and fellow fans and convince them that there is nowhere they’d rather be than hanging out with us at the Plaza from July 19-21. If you’re going to other conventions in the Intermountain area between now and then, let us know and we’ll happily supply you with flyers to drop off and thus spread the word. In the meantime, it’s time to write some checks, fire up the PayPal and send us money, and get in touch with the Plaza so you can be in the room block. There are links for this in the previous post.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask below, e-mail me at [email protected], or hop on the Discord. Not on the Son of Silvercon Discord? Drop us a line, we’ll hook you up.

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