We got us a Roadshow!

I am happy to announce that David J. Butler, Consulting Editor and author, will be coming down from Utah to stage the Baen Roadshow & Prize Patrol, a wonderful addition to our programming! We’ve also had a suggestion/invitation from authoress Erin Lale to host an outing to the local Renaissance Festival; if there’s enough interest,… Continue reading We got us a Roadshow!

Post-Tax Season Update

Well, we finally have a home for Son of Silvercon, even if it is in Henderson and not Las Vegas proper, and even though the room rates are pretty heinous ($199 plus tax) since we’re on the same weekend of NASCAR: October 13-15. All our guests are on board with the date change, which is… Continue reading Post-Tax Season Update

The Early March Update

Here’s the Early March Update on Son of Silvercon: Membership count is up to four attending & one supporting. Only 95 1/2 members to go before we become a real convention. Going to get the necessary paperwork from the county to open Friends of Fission-chan’s bank account tomorrow. Reached out to a bunch of conservative/libertarian/milSF… Continue reading The Early March Update

What we’re all about

This is the home on the Internet of Friends of Fission-chan, an organization devoted to the promotion of nuclear power and also support of the ongoing cleanup efforts in Nevada at the former Nevada Test Site (now the Nevada National Security Site). We’re also big fans of the National Atomic Museum (formerly the National Atomic… Continue reading What we’re all about